Ashutosh Sahoo

Up to Second year of engineering , kinda quiet fellow but randomly we became close and once he started talking he never stopped.

He calling me maga(beta), roaming around everywhere , studying together,parties together ,road trips together.

Having fun when we had to and get serious when we had to.

The single most personality attribute of Abeer, I liked the most that he would never let anyone feel low or sad.

My most cherished memory with him : He randomly took me to Hyderabad once for a long drive when I was in deep sleep in the midnight, morning I wake up in Hyderabad for coffee with him and Ashish.

I value Everything in our friendship and l ike every quality of his,



The first time we met was in college during the first semester. We would only exchange greetings the whole year. It was in the second year we became really close friends. We would play the same games and this enhanced our friendship and we became really close.

I liked his lovable nature and  the way he respected everybody. He was one of the most genuine people i have ever met.

Both of us used to play a lot of games. Apart from games the  other thing was our love for food. We would go to different restaurants and try different types of dishes. These were some of the things which we had in common.

Abeer was one of the most genuine and lovable person i have met. The one feature i loved about him is  the way he would cheer everybody up no matter what the situation was. There was never a dull moment with him around.

The best memories with Abeer have been in his flat. We would all gather around in his room eat food, play games and have the best times together. The other times have been during the concerts and fests we attended. We would dance the whole night, go on drives.

Abeer had the most genuine personality. No matter what the situation, if any of his friends were in trouble he would be there for them. I will forever cherish the moments i have spent with him. I will always remember the way he treated everybody with love and respect. He was the person who would make people laugh and would help everyone in any way possible. He has helped me study so many subjects which i have felt hard, he has made me laugh when i was not feeling the best.  

Abeer will forever remain in my heart.


We first met in the first year of college, back in the first year he was one of the most shy boys and would hesitate to even say hi. We exchanged a few messages regarding exams and revaluation when he was back to his hometown during vacations. Our real friendship started in second year, when he started hanging out with us but never really talked. I started teasing Abeer and forcing him to talk as he was a reserved guy. We started talking more when we became lab partners in electronics class. He was the fastest and the smartest at labs. He just seemed to know everything which was great for me, I would let him do the experiment and talk non-stop ask him 100s of questions until he finally started to talk.

Something about Abeer has always made me feel so comfortable and I could always trust him.

After I became friends with Abeer, suddenly everything around me was getting better. We started getting along really well. I used to love the fact that the so called ‘ Shy and Quiet Abeer’ had so many thoughts and opinions in his mind. We started sharing our highs and lows with each other. We studied for exams together did assignments and projects together. He always took so much care of me and everybody around me. And I’m so thankful I have always expressed my gratitude to him and told him how much of a special person and blessing he was to me. The best part was learning about him, his views on life. He had plenty of views, advices, dreams, experiences. I’m so so glad I was lucky enough to have been the person he could share things with. If either of us had a bad day, we would just share things with each other and then we’d be feeling better in no time .He gave me a lot of advices to hold on to for the rest of my life. I can never meet a person who was so wise and sorted in life and knew the right answer to every question.

We had a lot of things in common . We both could enjoy the small things in life. We both would love eating Pani Puri in this stall near my house and we would have so much fun and excitement for the same. We once bought lots of ingredients to make pasta and fruit cream in his place and he usually is a great cook but that one day it turned out to be bad and we had such a good laughter but yet made sure we didnt waste his pasta. We still ate it all. We enjoyed old bollywood songs a lot and movies too. He was immensely patient people and always saw the best in things and people around him. We enjoyed going to this specific place and eating paneer tawa pulav. We would go there pretty often.

We enjoyed having long conversations about life and things. This is very rare to find . Atleast in my life I still haven’t been able to have a friend with whom I can discuss for long hours without getting agitated or bored.

The personality attribute that I liked the most about Abeer is that he cared for everybody genuinely, he never wanted to hurt anybody at any point, he never involved in politics.I could sense that his care for me was genuine and never because of any other reasons.

He had his life sorted and had advices and solutions to every little thing in my life. And i felt comfortable taking his advices, views and opinions on things. He made my life very easy.

He was also a beautiful writer and a poet as well he would occasionally express his thoughts by these means. He had a great sense of humour too. He made all of us laugh all the time.

He is the only person in my life whom I have vocally complimented pretty much on a daily basis and he deserved every bit of it.

There is no way I could pick one memory as he was such an integral part of my every day. We’ve shared plenty of memories. The thing I treasure is our beautiful conversations on life, our hangouts and lunches that we used to have. The thing I valued the most about Abeer was he was so right in his approach towards life and behavior.. He always wanted the best for everybody around him. And only encouraged me to do the right thing .

He would advise me everytime I couldn’t recognize trouble. He would help me ward them away. He would help me overcome so many things. We both felt very light hearted and warm around each other. On most of the days, we have spent it in beautiful conversations and laughter.

He always cared about the littlest of things and never let me shed a tear without making me feel better about it. In the end everything felt better.

I’m so grateful to God that I got to meet and spend such beautiful days and talks with him and I miss him very dearly.